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As a Sports Therapist, I take a person through the whole story of their injury: from the initial injury phase all the way through to a full return to their previous activity levels. Sports Therapy is for everyone, regardless of age or activity level.


I do not offer a generic treatment for all. Every Sports Massage or Sports Therapy session is tailored specifically to you and your condition. Treatment options include:

~ Sports Massage

~ Joint, Spinal & Soft Tissue Mobilisations


~ Dry Needling


~ Mobilisation with Movement (MWMs)

~ Rehabilitation Exercises 

~ Kinesio & Athletic Taping

~ Gait Analysis

Gift vouchers for single or multiple treatments are also available.


1 to 1 Rehabilitation Sessions

To guide you through your injury rehabilitation journey using the fabulous facilities at Crossfit Freesol

Group Rehab/Prehab Classes

Prepping for an event? Want to maximum your training? Weekly class to help you prep leading up to your event

Corporate Employee Wellness

A whole day or shorter sessions at your company where I can give consultations & treatment to your employees. All I require is a spare room and I'll bring everything with me

Mobile Visits

Treatment in the comfort of your own home! If you preferred a home visit instead of coming to either clinic, I am happy to travel to you in the Berkshire area (POA with fuel & travel costs included)

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